Cadillac Certified Pre Owned 117 Point Inspection

Cadillac Certified Pre Owned 117 Point Inspection
Our authorized Cincinnati Cadillac dealership will complete the comprehensive 117 point inspection for every Cadillac Certified Pre Owned vehicle. Here are the 117 points inspected:
Road Test
Check Vehicle History (GM VIS) And Carfax (VHR) Or Similar
Check For Open Safety Campaigns
Owners Manual/Warranty Booklet Present
Seat Belts/Retractors/Air Bags (Wear, Operation)
Mirrors (Operation, Heat, Inside-Outside)
Indicator Lights/gauges/Warning Tones (Operation, Lights, Clock)
Engine Start/Idle (Cold, Warm)
Engine Operation/Performance/Acceleration (At Normal Temp.)
Shifting/Automatic/Manual (Transmission, Clutch)
Anti-Skid/Traction Control (Operation)
Braking/Anti-Lock Braking System (Straight Stop/Anti-Lock Operation If Equipped)
Steering/Alignment (Ease, Noise, Steering Wheel Centered, Alignment)
Body/Chassis Integrity (Noise/Vibration/Harshness)
Transfer Case (Operation, F/RWD, 4W, AWD)
Cruise Control (Hold, Acceleration, Cancel)
Windshield Wipers/Washers (Operation/Blades Wipe Clean w/o Streaks)
Speedometer/Odometer (Operational)
Tilt-wheel/Telescoping (Operation)
Heater/Air Conditioning (Blower, Controls)
Horn (Operation, Function)
Confirm Auto Stop & Auto Restart (Hybrid Only)
Onstar (Operational)
Key(s)/Key Fob/Remote Start (Functional)
Rear Defogger (Operation)
Luggage Compartment (Spare, Air Pressure, Tools)
Convertible Top/Boot Cover (Operation, Condition)
Interior Lights (Map Lights/Dash Lights)
Exterior Lights/Fog Lamps (Headlights, Drls, Brake And High Mount)
Doors/Door Locks (Power Lock Operation)
Weather Stripping (Condition)
Seats/Child Safety Seats & Mountings (Operation, Heat)
Fuel Door/Trunk/Hood/Hatch Release (Operation)
Windows/Power/Swing-Out (Operation, All Switches-Full Travel)
Alarm/Telephone (Operation, Remote)
Power Outlet(S)/Cigarette Lighter (Operation, Lighter)
Parking Brake (Operation)
Sun/Moon Roof (Operation, Condition, No Leaks)
Options/Accessories/Off-Road/Roof Marker Lamps (Operation)
Audio System/XM Radio (Operation, Radio, Tape, CD, Speakers, Antenna)
Navigation System Operation And DVD Present (Operation)
Visual (Loose/Missing Components, Leaks, Labels, Decals)
Electrical System/Battery/Starter (Battery, Cables, Belts, Charge)
Engine Cooling/Radiator/Fan/Fan Clutch (Level, Hoses, Condition)
Power Steering System (Level, Pump, Lines)
Brake System (Fluid Level, Master Cylinder, Lines)
Ignition System (Wires, Condition, Routing)
Fuel System (Lines, Leaks, Connection)
Vacuum System (Hoses, Condition)
A/C Compressor/Drive Belt (Operation, Condition)
Belts/Serpentine (Tension, Wear)
Visual (Body, Lower Body, Underbody)
Frame (No Signs Of Previous Repair/Damage)
Exhaust System (Pipes, Converter, Muffler, Shielding)
Brake Pads, Shoes (Condition, Lining)
Calipers, Rotors, Drums (Condition)
Brake Hydraulics (Level, Lines, Hoses)
Tires (Tread Depth, Type, Size, Matching Brand, No Plugs, psi)
Wheels/Lug Nut Torque/Tire psi (OEM, Matching Brand/Type)
Shock Absorbers/Struts (Operation, Leaks, Etc.)
Springs/Sway Bars/Tow Hook (Mount, Bushings, Torque To Specs, Etc.)
Control Arms (Condition, Mount, Bushings)
Steering/Linkage (Tie Rod/ends, Linkage)
Engine/Transmission/Transfer Case & Mounting (Leaks)
Clutch (Adjust Fluid Level)
Driveline/Driveshaft/Axles/Universal Joints (Condition, Operation)
Axles/Differentials/Air Suspension And Compressor (Leaks, CV Joints)
Gear/Rack & Pinion (Leaks, Mounting)
Parking Brake Cable (Condition, Operation, Fraying)
Under Hood (Finish, Insulation, Decals)
Front Bumper (Fascia, Guards, Finish)
Grille (Headlights, Other Lights, Emblems)
Hood (Emblems, Finish, Chips, Trim, Alignment)
Left Front Fender (Finish, Trim)
Left Front Door (Finish, Trim, Alignment, Ease Of Movement)
Left Rear Door (Finish, Trim, Alignment, Ease Of Movement)
Left Rear Fender (Finish, Trim)
Trunk Lid/Truck Bed/Bedliner (Finish, Trim)
Rear Bumper (Fascia, Guards, Finish)
Right Rear Fender (Finish, Trim)
Right Rear Door (Finish, Trim, Alignment, Ease Of Movement)
Right Front Door (Finish, Trim, Alignment, Ease Of Movement)
Right Front Fender (Finish, Trim)
Roof (Finish, Trim)
Glass (Cracks, Chips, Scratches, Pitting)
Wheels/Wheelcovers/Trim Rings/Center Caps (Scratches, Pitting)
Instrument Panel/Compass (Condition, Controls)
Clock/Timer (Check, Reset)
Driver/Passenger Seats/Head Rests (Cushions, Trim, Safety Belt Operation)
Rear Seat/Head Rests (Cushions, Trim, Condition, Operation, Safety Belt Operation)
Heated/Cooled Seat (Operation)
Driver Door (Controls, Trim, Condition)
Front Passenger Door (Cushions, Trim, Condition)
Front Carpet & Floor Mats (Presence, Condition, Wear)
Console/Compartment Lid Front & Rear (Operation, Condition)
Left Rear Door/Quarter Trim (Controls, Trim, Condition)
Right Rear Door/Quarter Trim (Controls, Trim, Condition)
Rear Carpet & Mats (Presence, Condition, Wear)
Headliner/Overhead Console/Visors (Condition, Operation)
Luggage Compartment/Cargo Area/Spare Tire (Trim, Jack, Light Tools,cargo Net/Shade)
Package Tray (Condition)
Lube, Change Oil And Filter Required
Inspect/Clean Air Filter/ Cabin Filter
Inspect/Change All Other Filters (Per Manufacturer's Schedule )
Inspect/Top-Off Fluids (Cool, Brake, Steering, Trans., Diff., Washer)
Emission/Diagnostic Trouble Codes (Meet State And Local Stds.)
Fuel Level (Recommend Full Tank)
Clean Instrument Panel/Cover Pad Surface/Ashtrays/Package Shelf
Vacuum And Clean Carpet/Trunk/Passenger Compartment/Cargo Area
Clean Glass Surfaces
Clean Headliner/Seats/Interior Cloth Trim
Clean Engine/Compartment
Recondition/Touch-Up Minor Surface Scratches
Remove Tar And Road Oil
Wash/Wax (Body, Wheels/Covers, Tires)
Hybrid Battery (Inspect Air Intake)
Battery Energy Control Module (Check Using Scan Tool)
Starter/generator Control Module (Check For Codes And Software Updates)63224|2767
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